6 Digital marketing ideas for the automotive industry

1.- A car tips blog

A basic in this 2020 is to have your own site, starting and managing a website is one of the best options to promote a business of any kind. Your mechanical workshop is no exception. One of the best ways to keep you in mind, both of your clients and of potential new clients is a web page.

A car advice blog would be the most appropriate way to create a link between your business and people who need to solve everyday problems that may arise with your vehicle.

If the content you produce is interesting, customers will revisit your website and may even subscribe to receive more information. This gives you the opportunity to position yourself as an experot, inform them of special offers, promotions and even keep them informed about their vehicles.

With a website you can remind them of the services their cars need and your customers can have the confidence of knowing the status of their vehicle.

2.- Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

Another of the 6 marketing ideas for a mechanical workshop is to design a powerful social media strategy. Social networks are a means of direct communication with your potential customers.

Establishing and implementing a publication calendar is essential. It is not about posting a publication every two months, but about establishing a daily communication with your clients. Write regularly about the daily problems of a vehicle owner and how you can fix it.

As an expert in your profession, you will surely have a lot to tell. Place that publication that your potential customers need and try not to be so aggressive with your sales messages, otherwise your customers will think that you only want to sell your services and not that you want to add value to them.

That said, the possibilities of publication are unlimited: coupons and special offers, links to your blog, links to third-party content, useful tips, etc. Best of all, a social media strategy is relatively cheap.

3.- Special offers and coupons

Special offers and coupons are a very low cost option and very high exposure. It is a strategy that attracts new customers and reminds current customers of the excellent service you provide in your machine shop.

The offers you could use include:

  • Oil change at half discount
  • Free oil change with the purchase of a check
  • Free oil change with any repair of a certain amount in pesos
  • Free tire rotation with the purchase of another service
  • Special discounts for a specific service
  • A certain percentage of discount of the cost of a global invoice (Discount for use of several services)

The key to making the coupons work is to put them in the hands of consumers in the different ways where they are. You can implement a strategy, both online and offline.

To make an offline promotion you can use the businesses that are close to your mechanical workshop. For example, you could reach an agreement with the food establishments near your business, so that they deliver the advertising material of your offer at the time of purchase.

This method not only focuses on the local customers you want to attract (because most grocery shoppers live a few kilometers from your workshop), but also fits virtually any budget (you could reach 1,000 customers with a very low budget ).

4.- A referral system

The No. 4 of the 6 marketing ideas for a mechanical workshop focuses on the oldest strategy of all. Getting your current customers to carry out promotional activities for your business is one of the strongest communication channels.

Referral programs or referral systems encourage your clients to tell their friends and family about the excellent service they will find in your mechanic shop.

You could reward with a free oil change, a discounted service or something a little more valuable than you could offer in a coupon. An exclusive incentive is a powerful motivator for your customers. They would only need to talk about your excellent service to others to earn the reward.

5.- Customer Loyalty Program

Establishing a loyalty program will show your current customers the appreciation you feel for them and their vehicles. This can be as simple as using a punch card to offer a free oil change, after five paid oil changes.

It could be something more complex … like a points program in which customers get a bonus after a certain amount of money spent on your services. Loyalty programs not only reward the loyalty of your customers, but also provide an incentive for them to continue visiting your workshop and make repairs they may have left for another time.

6.- Service Reminder

Through your administrative software for the management of your mechanical workshop, you can schedule a reminder for the next service your customers need. Combine this utility with an email marketing strategy to send the reminder message 1 week before, the day before and up to a few hours before it is your client’s turn.

In this way, you will be selling your services to your customers without them noticing, they will simply think that they are reminding them about the next oil change or tire rotation.

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